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In 2016, we noticed the need for a platform that would enable publishers, authors, and newspapers to sell their content directly without intermediaries. That’s when we created publica.la, a revolutionary platform to drive the publishing and media industry forward.

publica.la was developed as a comprehensive and efficient solution, providing users with the tools to manage, promote, and sell their digital content. Over time, the platform gained recognition and attracted interest from around the world, including Chile Ventures, Golden Section in Texas, Stripe, and UC Berkeley in California.

Thanks to these partners´ financial and strategic support, publica.la has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Today, we are the leading company in the publishing industry, with over 300 clients and a catalog that exceeds 1.8 million pieces of content.


We partner with publishers, newspapers, magazines, bookstores, and independent authors to assist them in creating a digital content store with their content. We enable them to establish direct relationships by providing tools to market, sell, and monetize content with complete ownership.

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To make the trade of books, newspapers, and magazines accessible to every creator and consumer globally by offering a solution that allows for the easy creation of meaningful, lifelong, and close relationships.