Choose which publications your users can download for printing

Florencia Di Giovanni
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Are you looking for new experiences for your users? We have a great announcement! The year 2020 ends with big news for all those content creators and sellers looking to offer new alternatives for their users. 

From now on, anyone who has their content store in Publica will be able to offer downloadable publications to their users. This is an ideal option for educational publishers that want to offer content that is better to consume in paper format.

How did the idea start?

It is a feature designed based on Billiken, an Argentine magazine that both children and teachers have chosen for 100 years.

When Billiken was transferred to the digital universe, its contents began to be sold through Publica but under this special request: that certain contents could be downloaded by its users so that they could print and give a physical use.

With the development of this new feature, Billiken was able to launch a collection of coloring books. This set, dedicated to children, accompanies the rest of the publications that the brand offers in its digital content store in Publica.

Who can offer downloadable content?

Absolutely everyone! That’s right. The great news is that anyone who has their own store in Publica can activate this feature and offer downloadable files of their publications to their audience. 

In this way, publishers dedicated to children will be able to offer downloadable books with activities specially designed for them. Some publications can include mazes, identify the differences, word search puzzles, books with pictures, words or images to cut and paste, and many other types of games. 

This is also an excellent opportunity for all those educational publishers who wish to offer downloadable files of their publications as a complement to the publications they already market through their stores at Publica.

This may be the case of publishers that sell study books in other languages. What is interesting in this case is that it can be an incredible support content to be able to write, delete, annotate and more. The same happens with many other more practical subjects, such as language, chemistry, physics or mathematics, among many others. 

Thus, important digital publications may be offered, such as textbooks or encyclopedias, but complement these subjects’ study with downloadable content. In this way, students from different institutions and educational levels will print all kinds of content at home and enjoy it.

Does this affect the security of my other content? 

Not at all! All the content available in Publica, whether in PDF, EPUB or MP3 format, will not be affected by this new feature. This is because streaming technology will continue to be used to consume this content, as it has been until now.

How can I offer downloadable content in my Publica store?

Remember that the feature is not available to be executed directly by store administrators. To use it, admins must request it to the Support team.

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