Digital Publishing: 10 reasons why you should start!

Florencia Di Giovanni

Today, the big question that many authors and publishers of books, magazines and newspapers ask themselves is whether or not to publish digitally. For the time being, many have remained reluctant to do so. But, considering the current context, those who have already dared to take the leap into the digital world have not regretted it. In the digital realm, they found a new business model in which they have been able to modernize and g increase their readership.

What are the 10 advantages of digital publishing that you won't get from your print publications?

Get to know your customers

Offering your content through Publica will allow you to get to know your customers through their interactions on social media.  You will get to know their interests, the topics they are passionate about and the ones they cannot stand. This will help you analyze what content you should give them and when you should do it. 

For this very reason,  it is important to offer your content on social media outlets. One idea could be to share images or videos with links to your store to make it easier for customers to access your publications.

Enjoy advanced statistics

A key aspect of getting the most out of publishing digitally is access to usage and reading metrics. When offering your content through Publica, you will be able to find out what each of your users read, who reads the most, what devices they do it from, how much time they spend on your content, and much more. In print publishing, the only information you can gather is the distribution points where you have sold the most content. On the other hand, with digital publishing, you get access to an array of data that can help you get acquainted with your readership and the market better.

Nowadays, it is essential to know what content your readers are enjoying in order to be able to offer them options that reflect this and also sound attractive. For example, we can find out who are the most read journalists or which are the most visited sections in a magazine.

Get instant feedback

The moment you publish your content in your store, you will know what your readers think about it. Nowadays, the public is used to giving their opinion instantly online.  This is great news because the most sincere comments about your publications will make it straight to you, which will help you make decisions regarding your business. In the interest of getting this invaluable feedback, you must share publication news on social media, inviting your reader to give their opinion and encouraging conversation. This will also make the readers feel heard, which inturn,  creates a greater affinity with what you publish.

Interact with your audience

Nowadays, responding to every comment or feedback your readers have can be a daunting task. In addition, there is a chance that they will follow up on your response and want to continue talking about your content. 

Although this may seem cumbersome or even pointless, it is essential to show the reader that you care about what they think and always take their opinions into account for your future publications. However, this can be done in a more efficient way that also works for you. A good way to include the reader and show them their opinions are important to you is to have them participate in a survey. For example you could ask who they want interviewed next by the newspaper or magazine, what topics they would like to discuss, or what is the next release they are most looking forward to.

Reach the whole world

Digital publishing has one big advantage: you'll never have to worry about your distribution networks again. Yes, you read correctly, no more distribution networks!. Having your publications on the Internet will be enough for your users from around the world to search and find you through Google or other social media networks. 

Of course, this means that you won't have to spend money on expensive distribution networks or international free trade agreements. You won't even have to pay a commission to a distributor in each area to get your content to their audience. Isn't that great?

Use multiple media channels for free

Lately, there are more and more ways to advertise your content without spending a dime. There are a multitude of forums available where you can advertise content. Facebook and Linkedin groups are also great places to advertise and find new readers, writers, and editors. 

Not only will you be able to promote your content without spending anything, but you'll also get feedback and comments from people who are invested in the industry. In some cases, you'll even be able to engage in conversation and get expert advice for your publications. Undoubtedly, one of the most useful effects of social media is that your posts are a click away from reaching a wide audience, making it one of the most influential and inexpensive benefits of digital publishing online.

Take advantage of direct response advertising

With the advertising you create for your digital content, you can achieve something that traditional advertising will never do: having your audience take action ipso facto with just one click, without the need to go to any store or call any number. 

In order for this to occur, knowing how to use Google ads, Facebook ads and other tools is fundamental to help you increase the readership of your digital library. In this way, users will reach your content directly just by clicking on the ad.

Reduce your costs

Like any other business, whether you're an author, publisher, or in the media world, you need to produce more revenue than expenses to ensure a financial balance. Achieving this is possible and by creating and sharing content in digital format you will significantly reduce costs. 

Whether you do it as a complement to your print content or whether you choose to go fully digital, you will quickly notice the difference. First, you can forget about the high printing costs you're used to. Next, you won’t have to cover distribution costs, including fuel increases or any irregularities that the transport sector has. All these costs will be non-existent. 

Offer rich content

Publishing in digital format brings something to your readers that they could never have with paper: the interaction they can have through rich content. For this reason, it is essential to offer them extra tools that help them in that experience. 

Offering your digital content through Publica will give your users access to a variety of interactive functions. For example, they will be able to underline or highlight text, always open to the page where they last left off, read from any device, browse the index, translate text into different languages, transform the text into audio, etc. 

Help the environment

The planet needs us to change our habits. Otherwise, it will become uninhabitable much sooner than we think. In fact, we will be surprised when the short-term effects of global warming will start to appear in our lifetime, especially since it is something that we would have expected to take place long after we are gone. 

Switching to a digital format and offering it as an option to our readers is an excellent way to contribute to this environmentally conscious movement. In this way, we can do our part to help against trees being cut down and reduce pollution caused by transportation. Remember, there is always something we can do.

Digital publishing: a one-way trip

More and more people are choosing to consume and be part of the digital universe. Whether it's books, podcasts, magazines, newspapers, videos or audiobooks, Publica allows you to have everything in your own store and it is all just a click away.

Remember that all of the benefits of publishing digitally mentioned in this article can never be obtained by publishing in print. So what’s holding you back from getting started?