Do you want to grow your revenue? Bookstore is right for you!

Florencia Di Giovanni

Do you know that now you can launch your own Bookstore and sell any of up to a million publications? As you have just read! Now you can choose and sell in your Bookstore a selection of suitable books for your audience. Based on that, you will have the opportunity to increase your income by being part of the first distribution network.

Publica’s market-seasoned service is the new way to engage with an audience for booksellers, including publishers selling direct, independent bookstores, and organizations with engaged memberships.

The inventory represents a broad range of categories that includes education, nonfiction, biography, fiction, children’s books, scholarly works, and more. With this base of content, booksellers of every stripe can find a way to connect with and grow both audience and revenue.

This new feature is entirely self-service: you can add books as you can see metrics of what your audience prefers. The merger allows you to follow your business model with no limits, recategorizing and acquiring new content. Besides, there is no need to negotiate directly with other publishers because eBooks are available at just one click distance in your own digital Bookstore.

Who is Bookstore for?

If you have an audience and know what interests them, Bookstore is right for you!


You can sell ebooks and audiobooks directly to your audience. This way, you never give ownership of your customers to another third-party platform again.  Thanks to not having setup costs and a very significant extension of eBooks, raising your sales and achieving a more prominent number of readers is a fact. You can also establish reader relationships and get metrics and usage analytics with direct-to-consumer eBook and Audiobook sales. All this, with no confusing DRM schemes, for any device, and with an optional branded native app.


Let your personal brand grow by offering top quality content to your followers. You can choose between up to a million publications that your audience will recognize themselves in and love it.


Thanks to this new partnership, you will be able to attract prospects into your content marketing funnel with a selection of titles you can share and preview online. The good news is that you can also count on users’ and publications’ statistics and metrics.


Now your platform can jump into a new business model by surrounding your books with other great titles. If your own books are not at Publica at the time, it’s a perfect opportunity to share them and sell to your audience. Creating your content store is incredibly easy! 

Online Media, Newspapers, Magazines

Publica is the perfect match for all kinds of media because now you can augment advertising and paid subscription revenue with native retail content sold alongside your own content. This could be an opportunity to reinforce their relationship with the audience. It’s a no doubt decision: you receive extra income with zero upfront risk. 

Non-Profit Organizations

From now on, you can offer relevant publications to your members and get more fundraising. Selecting relevant content for them is an excellent opportunity for your members to support the organization and its mission. 


Selling eBooks and audiobooks is a one-way journey to a stronger relationship with your audiences. Having more content for sale, adaptable to all kinds of devices, will let readers find everything they need and are interested in in your Bookstore.

Offering your content through Publica means expanding your horizons: Now, you will raise your sales and grow a greater number of subscribers.

Create your Bookstore here.