Invite your friends to be part of Bookstore. Everybody wins!

Florencia Di Giovanni
bookstore referrals

Being part of Publica and getting an opportunity to increase your income is really easy. You just have to create your Bookstore and choose from up to a million books with a retail license and sell them

The inventory represents a broad range of categories that includes education, nonfiction, biography, fiction, children’s books, scholarly works, and more. So, everyone can add specific eBooks and audiobooks for their audience and engage with them.

With Bookstore you’ll now be able to:

  • Grow your audience and have a better connection with them.
  • Market under your own brand by customizing your store with a few steps.
  • Enjoy full access to your users’ email (with their permission) and usage analytics and statistics. 
  • Sell ready-to-use ebooks, audiobooks, and more available instantly on any device.
  • Broaden your audience and improve your revenue by adding sales from a rich catalog.

This new feature is entirely self-service: you can add books and you can see metrics of what your audience prefers. This will help you choose your business model as you recategorize and acquire new content. Besides, there is no necessity for negotiating directly with other publishers because eBooks are available at just a one-click distance in your own digital Bookstore.

We really think that Bookstore is for everyone. That’s why we want to give you the chance of inviting your friends to be part of it and get an extra comissión. It’s simple and fast.

Just as you’ve read! You can earn USD 25 for each friend that creates their own Bookstore with your link and gets at least USD 200 of sales. You only need to share your link with your friends and family.

And remember, your referred will also get USD25 alongside you. Once they have their own Bookstore, they can invite more friends. Everybody wins!

Learn more about Bookstore here.