Navigating through a Publica store is now faster than ever before

Florencia Di Giovanni

Have you ever entered your store and everything was loading slower than you would've liked? Our product and engineering teams are dedicated to improving your and your users’ experience on the platform and content store. That's why we are excited to tell you about an upgrade that we’ve made just for you! 

We were aware of the lag time experienced when opening a store and decided to do something to address this situation. We want you and your users to have the very best experience in your Publica store and that includes content being uploaded in a fast and reliable way. So from now on, you will be able to see your store load much faster. Why? Because we now have a new server in Brazil, which has significantly optimized the page’s speed (that is, the time it takes to load the URL content). The next time your audience goes to your Publica store, they will notice how entering and navigating it is much faster and friendlier.

The hosting service and its infrastructure can significantly influence the performance of Publica content stores. This significant impact is further emphasized on days when promotions or special events receive a lot of traffic and/or more transactions are made. As a result, having a server in Brazil was essential to improve the experience.

Technical improvements to our platform

Our new server in Brazil has given us really excellent results: 

We have a much faster initial connection, going from 233ms (thousandth of a second) to only 13ms. Because of this improvement, every single person who enters your store and browses through it will do so without that horrid lag time. But what does this mean to you and your customers? For them, this means a user-friendly experience where purchasing has become easier and smoother. For you,  this means more sales. In other words,  the days of a  store that takes too long to load are far gone.

If a website is not fast nor responsive enough, users will leave it and find what they are looking for elsewhere. This is why the first connection must be a high-speed one. In addition, having this new server makes the performance much more stable. Not having to deal with so many intermediaries and traffic routes makes the performance more predictable. 

What’s more, a new server guarantees more reliable and secure service. Why? If one server goes down, there is another one to pick up the slack. The same would happen if the Publica engineering team has to do some maintenance on a server, the website will never be out of service for your users or yourself. In other words, your store will continue to work with all these improvements every day and around the clock, no matter what happens.

How can this improvement help you?

Performance and speed are a priority for us. Undoubtedly, these improvements in the stores’ loading service have and will continue to help improve your users’ journey throughout the purchasing process. The project came to be because we put ourselves in the user's shoes in order to see what was lacking.  This resulted in a solution where users can enjoy an incredible experience from the first moment they visit your store until they complete the purchase. Taking into account the users’ perspective, in turn, results in giving you the best platform to sell digital content.  This improvement in the performance of Publica’s platform is just one of the many ways we show our devotion to you and your business. We hope you enjoy this upgrade and that it brings you success.