Streaming concerts, videos or courses while selling books, art or magazines? Now it’s possible through your Publica multimedia store.

Pablo Laurino

In the era where digitized content is continuously shaping our social, cultural, and economic activities, producers must access tools that can help their business and products succeed comfortably. From Publica, we understand this very well. Trends evolve fast because new platforms and apps are continually shaping the format of our content. The internet is a fast-changing environment where we learn to deliver information in the best, yet more appealing ways we can. From classic e-mails to the old photo-blogs, MySpace, and so on. To Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many more that are yet to settle. The constant creation of different platforms allows us to find better ways to interact with each other, socially, economically, and culturally. All this flow of information is continuously finding ways to generate better spaces for users, potential customers, buyers, and sellers. Thus formats will keep evolving every couple of years, inevitably. From the old e-mail lists, Blogspot, eCommerce, Craigslists, Itunes to Netflix, Amazon, and Social media Marketplaces. Our technologies keep evolving and our needs get reshaped. Thus business models naturally change too, no matter what.

As a content platform, Publica understands the need that platform users, customers, and sellers have. Businesses are not only continually adapting to new selling platforms as well as social platforms, but are doing so in very inefficient ways. Social media platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Twitch, etc.) keep emerging because companies find new formats to keep people engaged. Still, little of these have to do with business, and their ability to sell, offer content through them, or perform effective operations on these platforms. Of course, one could sell products through Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, Twitch, and so on… But the truth is that these platforms are not business-focused, they are social-platforms, and are only meant to attract people, not to ease your businesses’ selling processes and strategies. Whatever social media platform you use, you still have to make sure you market your brand correctly, direct your customers to your website or selling platform, and figure out ways to centralize all the content you offer. Social media platforms are of great advantage but only to capitalize on your marketing and exposure, not to become your central selling spot.

In Publica, we know this very well, and that’s why we exist. We know that, on the one hand, social media platforms keep shaping how brands interact with customers. Still, on the other hand, new social media platforms keep changing how people best prefer to consume the content you offer. What used to be successfully delivered as a written piece on a Blog, now is more successfully provided as a Podcast or as a Video. We also know that the more Social media platforms you use, the more audiences you’ll reach, and the more diversified the formats of the content you sell will need to be— and this is simple: while your readers will prefer you to launch a book, your Youtube community will prefer a documentary series.

We also know that the platforms you keep using for your content are often too demanding, cost-ineffective, and impractical to manage if you aim to explore new formats to create new selling strategies. This is the reason why content-making businesses often focus on one type of content. If you are a book publisher, you only focus on selling books. If you publish videos, you only focus on multimedia content. Your traditional content platform incredibly restrains your abilities to create, expand your business, and sell.

This is why, this August, in collaboration with the Gen Rosso Band, we will be bringing you the possibility of expanding your content business with Publica. The platform offers more than just a space for your books, magazines, or newsletters. The platform gives you the possibility of bringing your audience together to sell your multimedia content, merchandise, and whatever else you need. If you want to host videos, movies, webinars, discussions, live performances, or even have a Portfolio with your creations, you could do so at the speed of a click. The possibilities are endless, and your content would be streaming on-line, in consumable formats for people all over the world, if you wish.

We offer a great variety of options for your business. If you are interested in diversifying the traditional formats in which you deliver your content, you don’t need to complicate your business and platform operations. You could do so with the speed of a click, in your traditional Publica Store!

From a Rock-concert to a 1:1 book preview with the author. From a lesson pack to a series of short films, documentaries, photo albums, songs, a video game release, merchandising, and many more. You choose.

With Publica, your brand, your audience, your content, and your revenue is yours to keep. We offer you the possibility to expand your business however you want to. You can create all the stuff you want and sell it from here.

Choose wisely. Join the revolution.