The best electronic book reader is in your hands and you didn't even realize it

Shivani Ekkanath

Contemplating using Kindle, Kobo, or other e-readers? Think again! tells you about the best electronic book reader that is easy to use, and most importantly, right in your possession! 

As the dissemination of information continues to change and evolve, both sellers and consumers need to keep their options open. Electronic book readers continue to thrive as content becomes more digitized. Today, sellers need to ensure that they are able to continue to generate revenue and sales without compromising on their brand identity and independence, especially given the power and influence of digital multisided platforms (or MSPs). 

The Problems With Platforms Today 

Today, large digital MSPs such as Amazon have made it more possible for sellers to reach new customers. However, Harvard Business Review cited that conducting business on MSPs such as Amazon, Alibaba, and the Apple App store often carries “significant risks and costs.” In 2009, an article by Slate stated that the Kindle e-reader would be “bad for the publishing industry,’’ considering that it stood to further diminish the marketplace for books overall. 

These platforms often exploit seller dependency on the devices used for reading rather than the content itself. Content sellers are often left in the “darkroom” as they are unable to forge direct relationships with their customers. If content sellers want an active and engaging role with their customers, they should limit their dependence on these platforms. 

Content creators and publishers need to monetize their digital content by betting and diversifying on different publishing platforms. Sellers must be better positioned to bring in new customers by cultivating a customer brand and improving brand loyalty. They need to try investing in their own channels as much as possible. One possible avenue is to have branded websites and apps which enable content sellers to engage directly with their customers. In this way, they are able to exercise more autonomy and control over their brand, relationships with customers, and other stakeholders. 

Enjoy all kinds of content on your devices! 

Rather than relying on the control and unpredictability of MSPs, users may just choose to read content via their own computer, smartphone, or tablet. Users do not need to buy any additional hardware to read content, and sellers may capitalize on this. 

Get Rid of Traditional Platforms And Use Publica

Instead of focusing on how to get content on MSPs,  why not have sellers diversify their own channels and invest in their own independent resources? By detaching themselves further from these platforms, companies can establish direct relationships with their customer base. Publica offers an alternative to MSPs that can serve a wide array of stakeholders: publishers, bookstores, libraries, educational institutions, and companies who need to sell and make their content more available to their target audiences. 

On the Publica platform, sellers are able to offer content through a versatile and highly customizable online store or digital library. Users are also able to obtain this content directly through their personal devices without having to buy additional hardware like an electronic book reader just to read what they have purchased. 

This digital platform allows people to sell, share, and consume any type of digital content directly through a secure and reliable multi-device portal. Sellers are able to also analyze user data and analytics to better cater to the needs and expectations of their readers. With Publica, publishers can sell content easily by setting up their own accounts and selling their content without any intermediaries. 

As a platform that acts as a business-in-a-box solution, Publica helps sellers create an online storefront that is cheap and easy to use. Sellers are able to have complete control over their brand relationships and they are also able to offer highly personalized and customized content to their readers.  Sellers can offer channel-specialized and exclusive content, discounts, promotions, and subscriptions to their audiences. 

Sellers: Give Your Customers The Best Electronic Book Reader! 

Publica’s online reader offers a multitude of benefits over other readers that are already on the market. Sellers are able to centralize and streamline their content on the Publica interactive reader. They can also create their own 100% customized app for both iOS and Android making it a great alternative to MSPs as it is a way for sellers to personalize and individualize content to their audiences in an easy and accessible way. 

Authors and Publishers: Advantages To Your Reader! 

The advantages of Publica’s electronic book reader isn’t just for content sellers. Readers are able to transform the text into audio, view the content offline, search for information using a number of different criteria such as keywords, phrases, or metadata, etc. Users can also interpret the text into audio by choosing the language of their choice or they can choose all or part of the text to be translated from English, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian. 

With a number of educational publishers such as Santillana Argentina distributing textbooks and online educational resources on the Publica platform, students make up one of the largest proportions. For students, Publica’s online reader is a fantastic option for their learning because they can make use of functions such as annotating, highlighting, adding comments, and citing texts. If needed, the reader also allows users to quote publications’ content and export them. In a similar way, businesses are able to make corporate digital libraries available to their employees for training and professional development purposes. For employees, this is a convenient way to stay up-to-date and current on topics of their choice. For employers,  it is also great because their employees are staying relevant without organizing additional workshops that imply a whole set of logistics.

By creating a store with Publica, sellers are easily able to adapt their content to any screen. They can easily transform a PDF newspaper, magazine, or book into a text version adaptable to any kind of screen. Additionally, users are able to reproduce audiobooks and podcasts and navigate between chapters by choosing a playback speed, fast forward, pause or rewind. 

Today, we are constantly bogged down with new media and content, and lack reader engagement. As MSPs continue to take over and commoditize businesses, audiences are looking for ways to benefit from the overall reader experience. The only solution is to evaluate where and how content is presented and consumed. 

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