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Publishers & Case Studies

Universidad de los Andes

The University of the Andes is recognized for its educational excellence and commitment to research and innovation.

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Casa do Brasil

The Casa do Brasil Editorial is a prominent Argentine publishing house with a history dating back to 2010. Its specialization lies in publishing books in Portuguese, focusing on educational materials.

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Editorial Tilde

Tilde, a digital publishing house specializing in teaching and teacher training books, has experienced significant growth thanks to its marketing strategies and expansion into new markets.

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Editorial Hammurabi S.R.L is a family-owned small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) specializing in legal texts, leading the market in Argentina.

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Independent Authors, Bookstore & Case studies

El diario de Alonso

Alonso’s Journal is an online diary designed to accompany and document the life and experiences of an individual named Alonso. Through this weekly-updated journal, Alonso shares thoughts, reflections, adventures, and discoveries with the world.

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Ebooks Patagonia

Ebooks Patagonia is a platform, publishing house, or project associated with the publication and distribution of digital books (eBooks).

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Newspapers, Magazines, & Case Studies

Forbes Colombia

Forbes Colombia is a prestigious business and economics magazine that has left a profound mark on the global publishing world.

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Revista Barcelona

Revista Barcelona is a renowned publication known for humor and political satire, leaving an indelible mark on the editorial landscape of Latin America.

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