Streaming concerts, videos or courses while selling books, art or magazines? Now it’s possible through your Publica multimedia store.

  In the era where digitized content is continuously shaping our social, cultural, and economic activities, producers must access tools that can help their business and products succeed comfortably. From Publica, we understand this very well. Trends evolve fast because new platforms and apps are continually shaping the format of our content. The internet is […]

The magic of selling your Subscriptions. Spoiler: Go B2C.

When The New York Times left AppleNews+, it taught us a great lesson: not all business models work the same for everyone. No matter how great, knowledgeable, successful, or prestigious, your team or product is, if the business model presents holes in it, things can go wrong. The market and the possible customers you can get are […]

The New York Times left Apple News. Were you surprised? We weren’t, and we tell you why.

On June 29th, the New York Times released an article mentioning that they terminated their relationship with the AppleNews platform. The reasons they gave were simple, however crucial and relevant to the objectives of why Publica exists today. The New York Times article published about this issue mentioned a couple of important reasons that made them decide to leave AppleNews. […]