How to create a plan for my Online Library?

Hello Friends of! Today I will show you in this tutorial (step by Step) how to create a plan for your Online library. The first thing you should know is that in we grant you the possibility to create 3 types of plans:

A) Recursive (the user who subscribes pay every x period of time the same amount).

B) Prepayment (the user will pay and access the service for the period of time the plan lasts).

C) Single (the selling price per individual publication).

Now we are ready to create our plan! 

The first thing you have to do is enter your online library and then enter your work panel. If you know how to do it simply skip the reading to step 3, but start following the instructions from the next paragraph. Of course, you can also opt to see our video of how to do it by clicking here.

Step 1 — Enter your Online library

For that you must enter the URL (Web address) of your library, we will use for this example the following: click on “Enter”.

If your session is open you should simply proceed to step two.

If not, you will see the screen below and you must enter your account the way you usually do (either with your Facebook account, your Google account or your username and password). If you have problems entering your online library, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

then at the end of the entry process you will see the “Home” or home screen of your Online library. It should be seen as the following example (but with the colors and characteristics of your brand):

Step 2-Enter your work panel

To access to your work panel, you must have an administrator account in the Online library you entered. In order to make use of it, you must click on the arrow next to your profile image and select the Dashboard option.

Al entrar observarás la pantalla de inicio del panel. Allí harás click sobre la opción “Planes”.

3-Create a new plan for your library

Before you begin to create your plan you should be clear about the following:

A) What kind of plan do you want to offer? (Recurrent, prepaid or single).

B) How is this plan going to be called? (try to make it as transparent as you can). However, you can add a description that explains a little more about the plan.

C) What will be the period of time allocated to this plan? (Monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc)

D) What will be the amount of this plan? (You must be clear in all the currencies in which you can pay in your library: dollars, pesos, euros, etc.).

Then you must click on the button that is to your right that says “create”.

Doing this will open a floating menu that will allow you to enter the plan data. Let’s look at an example:

Then just press “save” and your plan will appear next to the other plans you have created. Thus, when the user subscribes to your library, it will choose the plan that suits you (within the options created by you).

Hope this tutorial has been helpful, if you have any questions just write to [email protected]


Support Team

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