How to create a promotion or discount coupon for your Online Library?

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If you were thinking of doing some promotion to take advantage of some special date that this close (Christmas, Father’s Day, friend’s day, etc) you are reading the right article. Today we will see how to create a discount coupon in your Online library and boost your sales on one of those special occasions. You can also choose to watch the video on this link.

The first thing you have to do is enter your Online library and then enter your work panel. If you know how to do it simply skip the reading to step 3, but start following the instructions from the next paragraph. Of course, you can also opt to see our video of how to do it by clicking here.

Step 1 — Enter your Online library

For that you must enter the URL (Web address) of your library, we will use for this example the following: click on “Enter”.

If your session is open you should simply proceed to step two.

If not, you will see the screen below and you must enter your account the way you usually do (either with your Facebook account, your Google account or your username and password). If you have problems entering your digital library, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Then at the end of the entry process you will see the “Home” or home screen of your digital library. It should be seen as the following example (but with the colors and characteristics of your brand):

Step 2 – Enter your work panel

To access to your work panel, you must have an administrator account in the Online library that you entered. In order to use it, you must click the arrow button next to your profile image and select the Dashboard option.

When you enter you will see the Panel start screen. There you will click on the “Coupons” option.

3-Create a discount coupon

Then you must click on the button to your right with the word “create”.


Next step, a floating menu will appear and will allow you to create your promotion without problems. It is important to clarify that before you create it you should know:

A) point to coupon code. This is important because this code is the that you should use in banners, flyers and any kind of Marketing action you make.

B) you should know the percentage of discount you want the person who discharge this coupon to receive (in the form appears as the percentage amount).

C) You should know how many people you would like to be able to use this coupon (use limit).

D) You should know from what date and how long you want the coupon to be valid.


*Finally do not forget to activate it.

Then just click on save, you will see how the coupon appears in the list and you are ready to start communicating your special promotion. From the same place inside the panel you will be able to follow, if you wish, the amount of uses that the coupon is reaching.

PRO TIP: What happens if I’m wrong about some of the coupon data?

Simply by clicking on “Edit” to the right of the coupon, the same menu that appeared earlier will open and you will be able to make the changes that you need.

Hope this tutorial has been helpful, if you have any questions you should just write to [email protected]


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