Add administrator users

Add admin users and allow different members of your team to modify, upload and view things in your Virtual Library. The administrator user will be able to: Create other users and assign them plans or publications Export list of users and publications and view statistics of both. Upload publications and modify existing ones Create plans […]

Revoke access to a publication

You can revoke access to posts you have assigned to your users. I show you how to do it step by step: 1) Go to Control Panel -> Users 2) Search for the user you want to revoke access to a publication. 3) Go to the options arrow next to the Edit button and click […]

Reset a user’s password

You can restore a user’s password from the control panel in two ways: by changing the password manually (recommended for generic mails that have been created for testing purposes) or by sending a reset link to the user’s mail. The user will also be able to request the renewal of his password if he forgets […]

Export the list of my users

You can download a complete list of all the users of your Virtual Library to use, for example, in your mailing campaigns. I’ll show you step by step: 1) Go to Control Panel -> Users 2) Click on Export and choose the option Export CSV 3) You can open this file with Excel, Google Sheets […]

Create a user

In addition to managing users who have already registered automatically in your Library, you will be able to create users manually and easily. What is the use of creating users manually? Here are some possible uses: Because you sell offline and you need to assign a plan or a publication to a user. Because you […]

How to modify the support email

Learn how to modify the email address where your users’ technical support requests will arrive. 1 .  Login to your Virtual Library and go to Control Panel -> Settings -> Basic Settings -> Logo -> Email Notifications and Support   2. Add the e-mail address where you want your readers’ questions and doubts to arrive. […]