What's Publica? How do I sell my publications? We will answer all your questions so you can start immediately with your content store.

Publica is the first cloud based platform that allows you to create your own store and offer your content without intermediaries, set up your payment gateways and customize it as you want.
The ease of use is one of our best advantages, but you’ll get much more. You can create your own content store without any technical knowledge, customize it, analyze key metrics, and offer and enrich your readers’ experience.
Our platform is for any institution, media or company that generates its own content. Among these can be repositories of universities, independent authors, magazines, newspapers, publishers, scientific institutions, and more.
Publica solves many content producers having to leave their product in the hands of intermediaries and let them keep most of their profits. With us, you control your sales and users, increasing your profits and control over your brand and your publications.
Neither you nor your readers will have to install anything to create your content store and enjoy your publications.
Publications will be available from any device, whether it is a computer, mobile, or tablet with Android or iOS by accessing through any browser. All the changes you make or the publications you upload will be reflected immediately, no matter the device from which it is accessed.
Is it possible for my readers to access without an internet connection? Of course! We give you the possibility to have your own personalized application for your readers to access through their Android or iOS devices and without the need for an internet connection.
All your publications will be hosted on Amazon AWS servers (the same servers that use content platforms such as Spotify and Netflix). All stores are SSL certified and communications between the application and the user are encrypted. Besides, users will never be able to download the publications as they are served with streaming technology.
With Publica, your publications are protected with streaming technology (just like Netflix or Spotify) and your reader never interacts directly with the original files. At the same time, users won’t have to download any special programs or do anything extra to enjoy your publications.
Our commitment to content producers is not to mediate in their business. You will have the possibility to sell directly, without intermediaries, charging 100% of the sales and under your preferred business model.
You can create subscription-based sales plans for all content, customized collections, and sell one by one or even sell offline. With Publica, you choose.
Online sales are easier than you may think. That’s why in our blog we teach you how to broadcast your content with different tools, paid and free versions.
You can get paid through PayPal, Stripe or PayU. You will receive these transactions right into your account. You can connect any payment method in just two simple steps.
A user is anyone who registers in your content store. They can register with their email address or any social login like Facebook or Google.
There aren’t any limitations for users to simultaneously login to a specific publication. You can configure the session limits per user if you wish to.
You can offer your publications without the need to sell them (Universities, institutions, free copies, among others). You can also create plans that can only access your content in a paid way (publishers, newspapers, magazines).
You will be able to access their email, usage statistics, characteristics of the plan purchased, and download this information in a CSV file. All the information related to your users will be yours. Under no condition Publica will use this information.
We accept PDF or EPUB (included EPUB 3) and MP3.
No, you only need to upload your original PDF or EPUB file (the same one used for publishing or printing), keeping in mind that there are any images for them to be PNG or JPG formats. This will automatically be transformed into a rich digital edition and you will have all the tools.
Under no circumstances will Publica need copyright permissions to any of your content.
The responsibility lies for whoever uploads a publication to make sure that it has the corresponding permissions. We recommend that you consult the contractual clauses to try to evade any inconveniences.

Check our terms and conditions here: Terms and Conditions.