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With Stripe you can receive payments for the sale of your publications individually, by prepaid plan and for subscriptions in dollars, euros, Colombian pesos, Mexican pesos, and Peruvian soles.

In order to connect, you must have a Stripe account and obtain the information detailed below.

What Information Do I Need To Get To Connect My Stripe Account?

You must enter the control panel of your Stripe account and obtain two keys: Publishable Key and Secret Key.

These keys are different from your Stripe username and password and you will be able to access them once you are logged into your account, then I’ll show you a way to get it. In the event that you cannot obtain it with these instructions, you should contact Stripe to help them obtain it.

1) Enter the Stripe Control Panel.

2) Go to the Developers menu and then to API Keys.

3) Within this menu, we will find a sector called Standard API keys where you will find the two keys requested above.

* In case you want to use the Test mode (or sandbox) before using the Live mode you should look for these two keys but for Test mode.

Now that you have these two keys I’ll show you a step by step how to connect it to your Virtual Library.

1) Go to Control Panel -> Settings -> Payment Methods

2) In the Configure your means of payment section you will first have the option to Enable test mode. if you activate it, the keys that you will have to enter next are the test mode keys and it will allow you to make plans and test the whole sales flow as if it were active but it will not allow you to sell.

To set up your account now to start selling, you must leave it unchecked.

3) Click on Stripe and add the data previously obtained in your Stripe account.

4) Click on Save

Watch the video version of our tutorial

I hope this tutorial has been helpful if you have any questions just write to [email protected]


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