Configure Smart Zoom

Smart Zoom is our functionality that will allow you to convert a PDF into a mobile-ready edition quickly and easily to improve the reading experience for users. On this page we show you a little more about the Smart Zoom reading experience. I’ll show you how to set up and add content to your posts […]

Revoke access to a publication

You can revoke access to posts you have assigned to your users. I show you how to do it step by step: 1) Go to Control Panel -> Users 2) Search for the user you want to revoke access to a publication. 3) Go to the options arrow next to the Edit button and click […]

Reset a user’s password

You can restore a user’s password from the control panel in two ways: by changing the password manually (recommended for generic mails that have been created for testing purposes) or by sending a reset link to the user’s mail. The user will also be able to request the renewal of his password if he forgets […]

Assign Referrals by URL

By assigning a Referrer by URL to a user, we allow the user to access the Virtual Library without logging in or logging in. The most common cases are when they are sold access to an institution for all students to enter through the network of the same or to integrate with an additional platform […]

Assign IP range

By assigning an IP address to a user, we ensure that this user does not need to log in or log in when logging in to the Virtual Library. The most common cases are when they are sold access to an institution so that all students enter through its network. To be able to use […]

Export the list of my users

You can download a complete list of all the users of your Virtual Library to use, for example, in your mailing campaigns. I’ll show you step by step: 1) Go to Control Panel -> Users 2) Click on Export and choose the option Export CSV 3) You can open this file with Excel, Google Sheets […]

Add limit of simultaneous readings per publication

Allows you to limit the number of users who may be consuming the same book at the same time. This simulates the way traditional libraries are used and allows publishers to limit this access according to the type of sale they have made to an institution. Ex: a publisher sells 2 copies of each book […]

Assign plan to a user

Assign plans to your users manually without the need for the user to make a purchase inside your Library. This will allow you to give courtesy accesses or assign temporary sample accesses. Here I show you step by step how to do it: 1 ) Go to Control Panel -> Users 2) Search for the […]

How do I order my publications by months?

Let readers find a simple way for your publications 1 ) Login to your Virtual Library 2) Login to your Control Panel 3) Go to the settings tab 4) Go to the “Library” section 5) Click the “monthly” mode on carousel types It’s that simple to order your Virtual Library’s publications by month. I hope […]

Export MARC21 records

You can export the MARC21 records of your Library and thus meet the requirements of those who require you to share this content. In this step by step I show you how: 1) Go to Control Panel -> Publications -> Export 2) Click on Export MARC 3) The file will be saved on your computer. […]