General metrics of your Virtual Library

Your Virtual Library is connected to Google Analytics to provide you with information about incoming users and their behavior.  Remember that you can connect your own Analytics account so you have access to a much more precise detail about those data and with more variants. To see these statistics you must go to Control Panel […]

How can I view the metrics of my publications?

Accessing the metrics of your publications is key to guiding your content Having access to what your users do in each of your publications is one of the advantages of publishing in digital so today I want to tell you in simple steps how you can do it from your own Virtual Library. 1) Login […]

View read metrics by user

Access your users’ reading metrics and find out how they consume your content. It is important to see the behavior of each of your users and know what type of marketing actions to perform. I show you step by step how to access them: 1) Go to Control Panel -> Users 2) You have two […]

Connect your Google Analytics Tracking Code

The data will help you make better marketing and sales decisions Why do you need to connect your Google Analytics tracking code? Connecting your Google Analytics tracking code allows you to have information about all users who accessed your Virtual Library and have it integrated into your own Analytics account where you currently manage your […]