Create a plan administrator

Assign administrator users to your plans so that they can see the user statistics and publications of the chosen plan. The most common case is when a plan is assigned to an institution or group and a user is chosen who can see and control the use and publications of the plan. Here’s how to […]

Configure individual sale

Configure your library to sell individually and add a price to each of your publications. We show you step by step how to activate it: 1) Go to Control Panel -> Settings -> Payment Methods 2) Go to the bottom of the page, after the configuration of the payment gateways and you will have an […]

Assign plan to a user

Assign plans to your users manually without the need for the user to make a purchase inside your Library. This will allow you to give courtesy accesses or assign temporary sample accesses. Here I show you step by step how to do it: 1 ) Go to Control Panel -> Users 2) Search for the […]

Create a plan

Your Virtual Library plans will help you charge for access to your publications and generate revenue. You will also be able to create private plans that are not visible publicly by default, but that you can share links to or use internally to assign to whomever you want. What Kind Of Plans Can You Create? […]