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Smart Zoom is our functionality that will allow you to convert a PDF into a mobile-ready edition quickly and easily to improve the reading experience for users.

On this page we show you a little more about the Smart Zoom reading experience.

I’ll show you how to set up and add content to your posts using Smart Zoom:

1) Go to Control Panel -> Settings -> Library and check the Enable Smart Zoom option.

2) Then go to Control Panel -> Publications and search for the publication to which you want to add this function.

3) Click on the options arrow next to Edit and choose Smart Zoom.

4) A panel will open where you can create all the articles within the chosen publication. Here’s how to do it:

        1. Define the page where the article to be created will end: the beginning of the article will be done automatically from the page you have active and in which you will be creating the article. This function is useful when you have articles of more than one page, it allows you to access the article from any of them.

        2. Add a title, description and author.

        3. Add the body of the note: it can be in plain text or HTML and even contain hyperlinks.

        4. Upload an image: each note will have its own image. You must follow the requirements there to upload the image successfully.

        5. Define the position: clicking on this function will allow you to mark with the cursor an area of the publication where you want a mark to appear so that the user can click and enter that article. You can not use it and let the user enter directly through the Smart Zoom button and access all articles. The most common case of use is to place right next to the title and so the user can enter only the article you want.

5) Click on Save the article and you can close this panel and return to your control panel.

You can create all the articles you want in each of the pages

Your readers will also have the option of sharing these articles with their contacts through the media they want so your content will have greater reach.

I hope this tutorial has helped you, if you have any questions just write to [email protected]


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