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What is the use of connecting your Facebook Pixel?

Connecting your Facebook Pixel serves to have information about your Facebook followers who accessed your Virtual Library through a link you have provided in this social network. With this you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

As a first step you must create your pixel code in your Facebook ad manager. Here is a brief instruction on how to do it, if you already have it you can move to the next step.

Learn how to create a Facebook pixel

Inside Facebook:

-Go to the Pixels tab of the ad manager.

-Click Create a pixel.

-Specify a name for the pixel. You can only have one pixel per ad account, so choose a name that represents your company.

-Check the box to indicate that you accept the conditions.

-Click Create pixel.

More information here

We show you how to connect your Pixel to your Virtual Library

1) Login to your Control Panel -> Settings -> Marketing Settings -> Your tracking codes

2) Add your facebook pixel obtained as shown in the previous step.

3) Click on Save.

Pro tip: You can enter multiple Facebook Pixels separated by commas.

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