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Your Virtual Library plans will help you charge for access to your publications and generate revenue. You will also be able to create private plans that are not visible publicly by default, but that you can share links to or use internally to assign to whomever you want.

What Kind Of Plans Can You Create?

Depending on how that plan is billed, you have two options:

– Prepaid: the contract will be made for the number of months you indicate at the time of creating the plan. During this period the user will be able to access the publications assigned to the plan, once this period is over he will have to contract another plan or lose access.

– Recurring: this type of plan is for a monthly recurring contract, to be debited directly from a card indicated by the user and which will give access to all the content assigned to this plan for as long as it is active. You can cancel it at any time and stop receiving the automatic debit.

Depending on the content included:

– Access to everything: when creating the plan, if you do not indicate any particular group of publications, it will automatically give access to the entire catalog, thus being able to offer a superior experience to all your content.

– By collections: choose which collections of publications will be assigned to each plan in order to create different plans with different content access. In order to use the collections in your plans, you must first create them within the publications. In this tutorial, we show you how to: How to create collections

Now we’ll show you step by step how to create it:

1) Go to Control Panel -> Plans

2) Click Create

3) Choose Plan Type: Recurring or Prepaid

4) Write a name and a description. This information will be what the user will see when they go to subscribe.

5) Assign a Price.

6) You can highlight a plan over the others you have by choosing the Recommended option.

7) You can mark a plan as Private so that it is not visible publicly, but you can share links to or use internally to assign to whomever you want (e.g. institutions, users, distributors, etc).

8) If you want to limit which publications users can view with this plan, select the Assign publications through collections check box and then choose the collections you want.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful if you have any questions just write to [email protected]