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In addition to managing users who have already registered automatically in your Library, you will be able to create users manually and easily. What is the use of creating users manually? Here are some possible uses:

  • Because you sell offline and you need to assign a plan or a publication to a user.
  • Because you want to give her temporary or permanent access.
  • Because a user doesn’t know how to register and you want to help him.
  • Because you want to add someone from your team to collaborate with you within the platform as an administrator.

Like these, there may be hundreds of other reasons. Let’s continue!

Now I’ll show you step by step how to do it:

1) Go to Control Panel -> Users

2) Click on Create

Inside the drop-down panel you will find to load the following data:

  • Email
  • Password: you can set the one you want and then the user can change it.
  • Session Limit: indicates the maximum number of devices connected at a time on which this account can be used.
  • Plan: you can assign a plan to it or, once created, you can manually assign publications to it.
  • Show only the publications you can read: this is used especially when you are assigned publications manually and to provide a simple experience, you only see those assigned publications on the platform.
  • Administrator: mark it only for those users that you want to have access to your control panel.

3) Click Save

Ready, your user has been created. If you need to assign publications manually, in this tutorial we show you how. If you need to edit your user data here we show you how.

I hope this tutorial has helped you, if you have any questions just write to [email protected]


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