Create metadata categories

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Metadata categories (or also called Taxonomies) will allow you to identify your publications within different groups and then be able to set up filters, create carousels and allow users to search more easily. In this tutorial we will show you how to create new ones and manage the existing ones.

Here we show you step by step:

1) Go to Control Panel -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Taxonomies

2) Within the first group of Activate Taxonomies you can select which of the taxonomies will be active so that when you load a publication you can add data to it. In case it is deactivated, you will not see this taxonomy when uploading a publication.

3) If you want to create a custom taxonomy you must go to the second group of Custom Taxonomies and write the name of the new taxonomy and then click Add.

4) Click on Save

Now you can use these new fields to load metadata when uploading your posts.

I hope this tutorial has helped you, if you have any questions just write to [email protected]


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