How can I view the metrics of my publications?

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Accessing the metrics of your publications is key to guiding your content

Having access to what your users do in each of your publications is one of the advantages of publishing in digital so today I want to tell you in simple steps how you can do it from your own Virtual Library.

1) Login to your own Virtual Library

2) Go to the user menu at the top right and select the control panel

3) Enter the publications tab

4) Select the “Visits” of the publication you want to analyze

5) Access to the statistics of the publication you want and in the range of time you want

In the statistics of your publications you will be able to see:

A) Total reading time

B) Reading time of each user

C) Visualizations

D) total reading time

I hope this tutorial has helped you, if you have any questions just write to [email protected]


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