How to configure lifecycle emails

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We will learn how to configure the lifecycle emails within our library.

What are lifecycle emails?

The Lifecycle emails are an essential tool to convert your users into subscribers. Unlike traditional email marketing where emails are sent to all leads or potential readers, lifecycle emails are directed to specific users at certain times.

In the case of our library, we will configure lifecycle emails so that they are automatically sent to all users who are registered but have not subscribed to any plan.

And here you have the step by step:

1) Let’s go to the Control panel -> Adjustments -> Marketing Adjustments

2) Scroll down the page to Marketing Mail.

3) Click on Create.

It will open the window to create our lifecycle email with the following fields:

A) Subject: in this field, we will define what our email subject will be. Use all your creativity to define an attractive subject.

B) Email Body: in this field, we will enter the content that will have our email. You can write your email in text or HTML.

C) Days until mail is sent: this field is the number representing the number of days after the user registered and did not subscribe to any plan.

You can configure up to 3 different emails with different days, subject and body.

Besides creating and editing the mails you can also disable and/or delete them. The difference between disabling and deleting is that in the first, the mail is available to the user with all the data you have loaded, but is not active. If you delete it you won’t see it anymore.

So you know, put your creativity into practice and give a boost to those users who haven’t made any purchases yet.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful if you have any questions just write me at [email protected]


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