How to upload a publication

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Learn how to upload publications to your Virtual Library. Remember that they can be in PDF or EPUB format.

Here I show you step by step how to do it:

1) Go to Control Panel -> Publications

2) Click on Create

3) Drag the file or click and choose the file inside your computer. 

4) Complete the data you want your publication to have and the metadata of it. The only mandatory field will be the title.

5) Click on Publish and wait a few minutes until your publication is ready to use.

Here I leave you some clarifications about the fields to load:

  • ISBN: is the unique identification code for books. You can also use it as a field to uniquely identify your publications in case they are not books.
  • Date: is the date corresponding to the edition or date of publication. You can also use it to order publications internally in any way you want, as long as it is not a requirement for publication (e.g., date of publication of a book).
  • Private material: here you can add additional material to the publication and that will only be visible to users with access to that publication. You can, for example, add a link to a video, additional text, a video or whatever you want.
  • Metadata: you can have as many metadata fields as you want. As standard we include Collection, Category, Author, Country, Editorial and Keywords. None of these are mandatory, you can use only the ones you need and the others will not be shown anywhere in your Library.
    • Collection: this field is important to take into account and then put together the sales plans. Here you can add any value and with which a collection will be created. E.g.: adding in the collection field “Premium access” to some publications and “General access” to all other publications, then you will be able to create two plans, one for the general public and another for those who contract a Premium plan. Watch tutorial about collections.
    • Other categories: all the other taxonomies in which you will load your metadata you will be able to use them both to build carousels in your Library and also filters in the top menu. Watch tutorial on how to create custom categories
  • Mark as free: choose which publications will be freely accessible to attract new users that you can then transform into subscribers. At any time you decide you can modify this option and it will no longer be accessible for free.
    • Request Login: decides if those users who can read the free publications must do so by registering beforehand (to capture their data) or if they can access freely (for example to send in some mailing campaign and giving a direct and simple access to who reads).
    • Free until: set on which date your publication will cease to be free so that you do not have to remember to change it. This option is ideal for launch or marketing campaigns.

We hope this tutorial has been helpful, if you have any questions just write to our chat panel or to [email protected]