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You can restore a user’s password from the control panel in two ways: by changing the password manually (recommended for generic mails that have been created for testing purposes) or by sending a reset link to the user’s mail.

The user will also be able to request the renewal of his password if he forgets it when he logs in. You can indicate as a first step that this option is available. (At the time of logging in you can click on Forgot my password)

I’ll show you one step at a time how to change your password:

1) Go to Control Panel -> Users

2) Find the user to whom you want to reset the password.

3) Click on the options arrow next to the Edit button and choose the Send reset link option.

Your user will receive an email with the instructions to reset your password.

Another option:

As I told you, you can also change the password yourself, mainly for users that you have created with a generic mail and that you can not recover using the previous steps.

In that case click on Edit and enter a new password in the Password field. Then click on Save and share the new password with this user.


You can cancel publications from users who no longer want them to have access to your publications, either because you want to finish the trial period you have assigned to it, because you no longer want to give it free content or because the sale of the plan was made outside the platform and you need to reflect that.

1) Login to your Control Panel -> Users

2) Find the user you want to remove the plan from.

3) Go to the options next to the Edit button and select the View as user option.

4) Once you are in the user view, go to Account in the options found at the top right.

5) Under Plan Details, select the “Cancel Plan” option.

6) Click on Stop viewing as a user to return to the control panel.

I hope this tutorial has helped you, if you have any questions just write to [email protected]


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