What is Smart Zoom?

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Smart Zoom is our newest feature. It will allow you to turn a PDF into a mobile-ready edition quickly and easily to enhance the consumer experience of your readers even more.

Our landing page shows you the reading experience of your users thanks to Smart Zoom.

We will teach you how to use this functionality from your Control Panel.

  1. We log in to the control panel
  2.  Activate Smart Zoom: We go to “Settings” and in the “library” option we click on “Enable Smart Zoom”.
  3.  Use “Smart Zoom” To Turn Your Publications Into Mobile Editions: In the “publications” tab, you must choose a publication and in the drop-down menu click on “Smart Zoom“. This will take you to a new tab where you can load your items to be read as a ready edition for mobile devices.
  4. Create The Article You Want


  1. Define the page on which you want to add your articles,
  2. add a title, 
  3. a text that can be in HTML format and even contain hyperlinks,
  4. an image to create your first article, 
  5. define the position you want your articles to be within the page you are adding it to.

You can create as many articles as you want on each of the pages.

The Articles You Add to Your Editions Will Look Like This

Your readers will also have the option of sharing these articles with their contacts through the media they want, so your content will have greater reach.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful if you have any questions just write me at [email protected]


The support team of publica.la