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Choose from technical books, literature, podcasts, and thousands of contents in our catalog.

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A library tailored to you


Offer your students a library to complement their educational experience.


Provide access to newspapers, magazines, legal or technical books, and other resources.


Train your teams with code books, work methodologies, and more.

Our catalog features thousands of titles from hundreds of publishers

An amazing content experience for your users on any device

Publica’s interactive reader is compatible with web, tablet, and mobile. Users can annotate, highlight text in different colors, add comments and cite text in standard academic formats. The reader also allows text-to-audio conversion and translation into English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Chinese, and many more languages.

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Create your library in 4 simple steps

Create user profile within the platform

Customize your store with your identity

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Provide access to your users

User analytics

Data visualizations

Access reports: Track how many times the content has been opened by users.

Reader behavior

Track time in contents and other reader behaviors.

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Analyze users' consumption of your content.

All plans include

Customizable store

You can upload content in PDF, EPUB and MP3 formats. If you also join Publica's network, others can sell your content too.

Statistics and metrics

Sophisticated user analytics, for targeted sales.

Anti-piracy protection

Secure streaming, encryption and content storage.

Offline reading

Your readers can access the content through the web browser without needing to connect to the internet.

Interactive reader

Users can annotate, highlight text in different colors, add comments and cite text in standard academic formats.

Connect with your users

Collect users' emails with their authorization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I select the content I want for my users?
Yes, you can. Publica’s content specialists can help you choose from our catalog, but you’ll decide the final content of your digital library.
Is it possible to access Publica without an internet connection?
Yes, it is possible to access without an Internet connection. With the Publica Unlimited plan, you can work with our staff to develop a customized app so that your readers can also consume your content offline.
Is Publica’s digital library compatible with my content finder?
Yes, Publica’s digital library is compatible with most known content finders on the market, such as Faro and Discovery, through MARC21 records.

Start fostering learning in your teams

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Flexible options

  • Customized App
  • Content management support
  • MARC21 metadata
  • User authentication integrations
  • Grouped content by user universe
  • Opportunity to include your own content
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