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Publica’s interactive reader is compatible with web, tablet, and mobile. Users can annotate, highlight text in different colors, add comments and cite text in standard academic formats. The reader also allows text-to-audio conversion and translation into English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Chinese, and many more languages.

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You can upload content in PDF, EPUB and MP3 formats. If you also join Publica's network, others can sell your content too.

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Secure streaming, encryption and content storage.

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Your readers can access content through the web browser without needing to connect to the internet.

Interactive reader

Users can annotate, highlight text in different colors, add comments and cite text in standard academic formats.

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Collect users' emails with their authorization.

User analytics

Data visualizations

Access reports: Track how many times the content has been opened by users.

Reader behavior

Track time in content and other reader behaviors.

Generate reports

Analyze users' consumption of your content. 

Nuestras ventas en formato digital han aumentado un 100% porque nos iniciamos juntos en la aventura digital

Fernando Sánchez

Influencer @ Soylajuana
El público de mi podcast siempre me pedía que recomiende libros sobre las temáticas que hablo. Ahora con  no solo puedo recomendar, sino vender yo misma.

Juana Marquez

Influencer @ Soylajuana

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Publica offer any support for digital sales?
Yes, our sales agents are experts in digital publishing, commercialization and sales. What’s more, Publica offers webinars, shares industry success stories, and provides useful blog content to help you keep learning and growing.
In what currencies can I charge for my content?
Publica works with any currency.
Is there a limit on the number of users?
No, there is no limit on users or sales.

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