What’s new?

October 2017


  • New Marketing tab to edit SEO title and description
  • New Payments tab to edit Gateways data
  • Now Tenants can edit their social networks URLs
  • Renamed Custom Styles to Custom CSS
  • Fixed localization of page mode for Reader
  • Fixed alignment of table header in /dashboard/issues
  • Several improvements to the, soon to be released, new-landings design


  • Tenants can now edit their Reader settings from /dashboard/settings
  • Tenants can now edit their support email from /dashboard/settings
  • Now all taxonomies are optional when creating/updating Publications
  • Now the latests records are always shown first, in all dashboard views
  • Numerous improvements in the design of the dashboard
  • Fixed some bugs and made various backend improvements that will allow us to iterate faster


  • Now you see how many users are paying any of your plans
  • More stats added to the Publication’s list on your Dashboard


  • Dashboard is now far more usable on mobile devices.
  • Support chat added to each tenant’s dashboard
  • Rename “Home” to “Landing” in /dashboard/settings
  • Now Tenants can update their Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel codes directly from the /dashboard


  • Greatly improve how plans work and look on small screens (mobile devices) in /subscribe and landings


  • Fix date-picker used inside the Reader
  • Small fix for the free publications grid


  •  Greatly improve how plans work and look in /subscribe and landings


  •  Improve Payment links generation to allow billing in EUR, and other currencies
  •  Now all settings can be managed from the /dashboard


  • Fix date picker bug in publications and coupons
  • Fix for publications with same name as deleted ones


  • Added the option to delete publications
  • Remove “valid_from” from Coupons
  • Standardize date picker
  • Give more presence to free Publications
  • Update Publications status live
  • Implement “lazy loading” for Publications in Library
  • Numerous small improvement in how we use “Vue.js” properties
  • Remove now unneeded “Assign Plan Publications” feature
  • Rename Plan description to “details”

September 2017


  • Now you can see first your newer users
  • Hamburger menu removed from header in mobile landing pages
  • Now you can edit Library widgets from your dashboard
  • More localization in your Dashboard for the Spanish version
  • Improved performance loading external resources
  • Move landing CTA buttons to the top of the page
  • Improve landing pages load speed


  • Friendlier error 500 pages on your store.
  • The message to Sign In / Sign Up is more clear 
  • Now you can turn off the “autocomplete” option on a certain custom field
  • Admins can update a Publication’s date directly from the Dashboard
  • Super Admins can now mark other Users as Admins.


  • Super Admins can now edit all the settings for the Library, the Reader and the users directly from the Dashboard.
  • Added feedback when searching inside any table from the Dashboard
  • Users now will see a nested feedback containing all the filters selected
  • Improved Stripe integration
  • FIX: The “free” field on the issue creation page is now optional
  • FIX: Fixed an issue that was preventing the correct date to be added automatically inside the publication
  • We’ve cleaned up the code to make your store faster


  • JSONs prettified: Now you can easily edit any JSON file in your Dashboard easily and painless
  • Mark Issues as free: Now you can choose which issues are free directly from your publications List on your Dashboard
  • Visual fixes: The Tables on your Dashboard are looking good, aren’t they?


  • Now you can see your users custom meta data inside of the Users List in your Dashboard


  • Tenant Name shown dynamically in Home: Now your Store name will appear automatically on your Home
  • More localization: Now the Dashboard is 95% localized in Spanish, Italian and French
  • Instant Payment Integration (IPN): Now we’re able to track every single step of a paying customer going through a third party gateway
  • Thank you page: Now after a user signs up we can track that to help you understand how your Store is performing
  • Larger Files: We’ve lifted the limit on the file sieze
  • Bootstrap updated: You can rest sure you’re using the very last technology. We’ve updated Bootstrap to its latest stable version
  • Visual fixes: The library looks nicer in mobile devices and old browsers