Let Your Readers Take Your Content Wherever They Go

Online book reading app

 4 Features That Will Provide Your Readers With An Unmatched Digital Book Reading App

Digital book reading app

All of your content available in one app

Your users can access their purchased content seamlessly through the reading app on the go.

Create a customized app

Provide a personalized experience to your readers by quickly offering the look and feel of your brand.

Adapt your content to any screen

With Smart Zoom, adapt your content to any orientation and screen size, offering a comfortable and universal reading experience.

Ensure content availability without the need for the internet

Allow your users to continue reading even when their devices are not connected to the internet.
Is an internet connection necessary to use the publica.la Reader app?
No. The app offers offline reading mode. Your readers can access your content through encrypted downloads, meaning your file will only be accessible through the reading app. This way, they can enjoy it even when they don’t have an internet connection: on a plane, in areas with no coverage, or when they lack mobile data.
Can I listen to the text of a book in audio format?
Our app offers a simple and intuitive interface with features like Text-to-Speech, which allows users to listen to the text of their digital content.
Is it possible to search within the content of a book?
Yes, our app provides a text search engine that allows for word searches and returns contextual results.
How is my offline content protected?
Offline content reading is made possible thanks to the encryption system of publica.la, which allows unique access to the user.