Your Store, Your Systems, Connected

5 Special Features For a Seamless Integration

Manage sales, subscriptions, and users with your e-commerce

Create your store without changing your business management systems, such as your ERP or CRM, and connect it to your preferred e-commerce platform.

Enhance the student experience by integrating your LMS is compatible with any Learning Management System (LMS), making it ideal for students: it provides automatic access to any educational platform or library.

Automate uploading content and handle your inventory effortlessly

Schedule the launch of new releases and synchronize your catalog and inventory with

Connect your store with billing, sales and consumption systems

Enable automatic sale alerts in your store and receive buyer information for invoicing and internal system storage.

Set traffic limits on to prevent intrusions and discourage unauthorized access

Prevent unauthorized access by restricting the amount of incoming traffic, enhancing the platform’s security.
E-commerce integrations for books Integrations for the online book store
Can my store be integrated with an e-commerce platform different from those listed by
Yes, consult our team about the type of integration you desire, and we will provide you with a solution.
Is’s Digital Library compatible with a content discovery platform?
Our Digital Library is compatible with popular content discovery platforms like Faro and Discovery, and through the list of MARC21 records.
How will the content of my digital store be protected?
All your content will be hosted on Amazon AWS servers (the same ones used by platforms like Spotify and Netflix). All stores come with an SSL certificate, all communications between the application and the user are encrypted, and users can never download the content since it is served using streaming technology.