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Payment platform for digital content

5 Advantages That The Payments Platform Offers

It’s free and included in your contracted services.

It offers your users a universal platform compatible with all currencies and forms of payment.

Manage the sale of your digital or printed content on a single payment platform.

Simple, intuitive, and user-friendly setup.

Receive your payments every month without restrictions or hidden charges.

Online payment platform for difital content
Do I need to issue invoices for each transaction? Payments takes care of generating invoices for your customers in your name, automatically. Please forget about these tasks and focus on your business: creating and promoting content.
Do I have to connect my payment gateway?
No, takes care of that. This is one of the great benefits we offer. We handle collecting payments from your customers; send them a purchase confirmation email and a payment receipt in your name so you can focus on sharing your content!
Can I process refunds for users who purchased from my store?
Yes, you can do it easily from your control panel. You’ll find the details of refunds in your Sales Report within your Store.
Is it a secure payment platform? Payments complies with all security requirements: it meets PCI regulations and is compatible with 3D Secure.
What about taxes?
We make it easy for you here, too: our payment platform calculates and pays taxes on the sale of content according to each country’s tax laws.
Do I need to install anything?
No, our platform is one of the most user-friendly online payment platforms. Everything is included, all you have to do is activate it with a click and watch your earnings grow.