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Unleash the power of online sales

During the upcoming master class, we will explore the different sales models offered by publica.la, their key features, and practical use cases for each of them.

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Deciding with precision.

At this event, we will share valuable strategies and tips to optimize your sales through the analysis of metrics and the effective use of key indicators.

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Why sell from your own digital store?

In this exciting event, we will have the participation of the legal publisher DyD, Ergon Group (Medical Editorial), and experts from publica.la who will share their valuable knowledge and experiences on how to establish and manage your own online store.

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How to establish a successful strategy for your books?

Together, Gabriel and Javier will share their valuable knowledge and experiences on how to establish an effective pricing strategy to maximize your revenue and reach a broader audience.

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How to sell a book beyond Amazon?

In this webinar, we will unravel the mysteries of online sales and share strategies that will make your books fly off virtual shelves like birds on a sunny day. Additionally, you’ll have the unique opportunity to hear from our special guests, experts in online sales, and from an author who has conquered the world of online sales, not precisely from Amazon..

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How to increase your sales by integrating print and digital books?

In this fascinating event, renowned experts in the education and academic industry will share their knowledge on how to boost book sales, addressing both traditional printed books and the growing trend of digital books. You will gain valuable strategies, best practices, and tips to help you achieve your sales goals and reach a wider audience

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How to increase sales during Black Friday and Christmas?

If you’re looking for ways to boost your sales during the most important seasons of the year, this MasterClass on “How to attract more effective sales this Black Friday and Christmas” is perfect for you.

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