Customize Your Store To Your Needs

Create your customized store with
You can have your mobile customized online book store with

4 Features That Make Special For Store Customization

Create your store with the look and feel of your brand

Customize your store with your logo, colors, typography, and visual elements representing your brand.

Adjust your online store to your business model 

Choose the selling method that best fits your business model: Subscription-based content sales or individual sales.

Attract more readers by using coupons

Offer general and personalized discount coupons or codes to attract more readers to your digital content.

Design your business plan and implement it with 

Design your business plan according to your needs and rely on the power of Customized

Create your customized store by following these steps:

Create your user account

Add the look and feel of your brand

Link your store to your social media accounts

Upload your content

Choose your business model:

Subscription or retail

Wow! You’ve created a store

Can I customize my store?
You can give it the appearance,look and feel you desire. You can even modify the URL and redirect it to your domain.
In what formats can I upload my content?
You can upload your content in formats that readers prefer: PDF, EPUB, and MP3.
Can I upload content that is not my own?
The content uploader is responsible for having the appropriate rights for reproduction and use. It is recommended to review contractual clauses in advance to avoid any inconvenience.