A Reading Experience Without Limits

platform for digital reading

Enhance Your Reading Experience With These 5 Features Provided By publica.la

A reader-friendly interface

Provide an interface compatible with the various types of content your readers prefer, such as PDF, EPUB, audiobooks, podcasts, and printed.

Ensure the best reading experience with Smart Zoom

Enhance visibility and enrich the reading experience for your users across various devices.

Provide secure offline digital reading of your content

Allow users to access your digital content offline from any device securely.

Optimize your users’ digital reading

Enhance your users’ reading experience with robust features: notes, highlighting, integrated dictionaries, translations, text-to-audio conversion, and more.

Provide a reliable and secure reading experience

Make your users feel secure while they read your content on a platform with robust security protocols.
Enhance the reading experience

Create your customized store by following these simple steps:

Create your user account.

Add your brand’s look and feel.

Connect your store with your social media accounts.

Upload your content.

Choose your business model:

(Subscription or Individual)

Wow! You’ve created a store.

Do I need to modify my content to use the reading tools?
No, you don’t need to do anything extraordinary. You will upload your original PDF, EPUB, or MP3 file. You’ll upload the same file you used for publishing or printing. Your file will be automatically transformed into an enriched digital edition. Additionally, you’ll have all the tools to make reading an incredible experience.
How many users can access content simultaneously?
There are no limits on the number of users accessing the content simultaneously. However, you can define the limitation of simultaneous sessions per user.
Can I access content offline?
Yes, you have the advantage of accessing content offline. With publica.la, you can have a personalized app so your readers can consume your content offline.