Measure The Impact Of Your Content And Make Informed Decisions

Dashboard to understand the user,

4 Features That Make Our Dashboard Special 

Discover the ranking of the most viewed titles

Monitor the ranking of the most read content.

Explore your users’ habits with your content

Access statistics on total sessions, time spent and average session duration. Discover why people are interested in the most engaging content.

Understand why your users consume and interact with your content.

Analyze peak traffic hours for your content and identify the hours of the day with the highest traffic in your store.

Find out which titles cause different kinds of actions.

Figure out which titles lead to actions like highlighting or adding notes.
Dashboard for informed decision-making
How can I access the Dashboard?
Log in as an administrator in your store. Then, go to your profile and access the control panel. From there, you can access the Dashboard, where you can view different statistics by content, users, sales, title, etc.
What types of data can be viewed on the dashboard?
From the Dashboard, you can find metrics such as total sales, total sessions, user activity, ranking of the most viewed titles, and more.
Can the Dashboard be shared with other users?
No, unless you have store administrator permission.