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Transform your editorial content in a mobile-friendly digital edition with Smart Zoom.

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An amazing content experience for your users on any device

Publica’s interactive reader is compatible with web, tablet, and mobile. Users can annotate, highlight text in different colors, add comments and cite text in standard academic formats. The reader also allows text-to-audio conversion and translation into English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Chinese, and many more languages.

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Payments via the Publica Payment Gateway

Accept payments through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, WeChat, and more.

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All plans include

Customizable store

You can upload content in PDF, EPUB and MP3 formats. If you also join Publica's network, others can sell your content too.

Statistics and metrics

Sophisticated user analytics, for targeted sales.

Anti-piracy protection

Secure streaming, encryption and content storage.

Offline reading

Your readers can access digital content through the web browser without needing to connect to the internet.

Interactive reader

Users can annotate, highlight text in different colors, add comments and cite text in standard academic formats.

Connect with your users

Collect users' emails with their authorization.

User analytics

Data visualizations

Access reports: Track how many times the content has been opened by users.

Reader behavior

Track time in content and other reader behaviors.

Generate reports

Analyze users' consumption of your content.

Our digital sales have increased 100% because we started this digital adventure together"

Fernando Sánchez

Director of Revista Barcelona
The Publica platform's quality is intuitive and fast, allowing the development of retail and institutional eBook business”

Martha Edna Suárez

General Manager of Alfaomega Colombiana S.A.
The subscription tools, the possibility of building libraries and the flexibility to handle marketing alternatives make our Publica’s store an irreplaceable ally for the business. I couldn't do it without it"​

Candelaria Pagella

Head of Marketing and Communication at Santillana Argentina

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Publica for?
Publica is ideal for publishers, newspapers, magazines, university libraries, companies, independent authors and influencers, among media professionals. We have multiple products that fit the needs of those who want to share their content or acquire it from third parties.
What is Publica?
Publica is the first cloud-based platform that allows you to create your own digital content store, customize it as desired and provide your content directly to your users.
Why choose Publica?
Publica allows clients to offer their content directly, without needing to go through an external company. Instead of offering content as DRM, Publica’s robust platform offers streaming via an enriched and secure interactive platform.

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Full E-commerce

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  • Customize your store with CSS
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  • Add up to 3 administrators
  • View and download store statistics
  • Offline reading app
  • SmartZoom: Interactive PDFs
  • Up to 20 free pieces of content
  • Sell by subscription or individually
  • Private Plans included
  • Sell third-party content and receive up to 35% of your sales

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Receive 90% of sales, in monthly payouts

  • Unlimited free content
  • Sell by subscription or individually
  • Offer free content
  • Premium support
  • Offline reading option
  • Customized Android and iOS apps
  • Prepaid Plans included
  • Customize your store with CSS
  • Generate promo codes and coupons
  • Unlimited administrators
  • API integrations option
  • Sell third-party content and receive up to 35% of your sales
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Try free for 14 days.
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  • Publishers
  • Authors
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  • Other media professionals
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